First Cuban Boy On The Sun

by Grey Revell

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Written and Recorded at Impermanence Studios in Belmont, NC between 03/16 and 03/28/2011.

Produced by Grey Revell for AstroZero Media and Music, Ltd.
All songs © 2011 Ambush Hymnal (SESAC)


released March 29, 2011

Grey Revell - Guitars, Bass, Vox, Keys
Daniel Jackson - Drums "Blow My House Down"
Kennon Knight - Percussion "Vibraslap"
William Scott Parry - Organ "Blow My House Down"
Zoen Wolfe - Bodhran "My Catholic Blues"



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Grey Revell Charlotte, North Carolina

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Track Name: Vibraslap (It Don't Phase Me)
ya got a circus voodoo way about you
i got a certain way about me too
let's take it to the pyramids
let's you and me go break our way in
ya might wanna run all night
from the street yeah you glow so bright
ya got ghosts up inside your eyes
i wouldn't be hanging with you otherwise

running with the robot in the alleyway
up on the roof till the break of day
another interstellar saturday
i wouldn't have it any other way

we could have such fun
looking down the gun
dare the devil on and on and on again
cos I just couldn't go on
if you won't be the one
the one I go to on and on and on again

cos it don't move me
if it don't abuse me
and it won't phase me
if it's not amazing..
Track Name: First Cuban Boy On The Sun
he stumbles home his head spinning over and under
trying to recall all her words and the way they were said
crossing the bridge from hell into san francisco
hoping to jump like a madman and land in his bed
the world it stopped as men ran out into the desert
and eagles rained blades of steel down from the sky

in his dreams he's following her through the city
the cars are mirrors that reflect the light as they pass
two girls kiss in the street as they run to the taxi
he sees her face in the headlights distorted in glass
in the distance the howl of the traffic was rising
and as he woke up a city fell into the sea

and then the world it fell in through the sleeping sky
he made his way to the streets once the sounds had begun
he bowed his head and caught on a star as it shot on by
she found him there
First Cuban Boy On The Sun.
Track Name: Chappy Gets In Over His Head
if he don't want you
as badly as i want you
why you loving him
so much longer than you want to?

if he don't want to
as badly as i want to
why you wanting him
as badly as i want you?

if he's the one for you
then why are you so angry
if you don't wanna kill him
then why you trying to make me
if you're the one for him
then why we getting stoned?
if you're the one for him then why are you alone?
Track Name: My Catholic Blues
i know you'll always be here by my side
from the truth i keep trying to hide
while the ashes are falling outside
you're my shelter through terror and tide
from the fear that would swallow my mind
and the whole world along for the ride

i'm way too young
to feel this old
but i see the world in purple and gold
it's what i was born into not what i choose
but you hold the line while i'm paying my dues
with my catholic blues

god only knows how much money i spent
trying to give up my conscience for lent
got no clue as to which way it went
or how many times i've had to bend
it might all even out in the end
no one answers the prayers that i send

the fire inside
it's all that i know
i burned all my bridges i've no where to go
for all of my lies and all of my loss
i'm having too good a time up on my cross

i know you'll always be here by my side
from the truth i keep trying to hide
while the ashes are falling outside
you're my shelter through terror and tide
from the fear that would swallow my mind
and the whole world along for the ride

i'm glad you're along for the ride
Track Name: This House
this house does not let the world just enter
blind and dumb to those who rest here
you'll be safe with what you bring here
welcome home

this house will not fall as long as people's hearts
still beat the beat of a thousand years
of blood and love and lives lived

welcome you who travel long and lonely
you who hear your voices only
all who pray for what you've always wanted

this house let's you find what you have always
carried close, too close to know that all you need
is on your table like a feast

i hope that your traveling brings you to a door
that opens to the house inside your visions
and your wildest dreams
there you'll find your home

welcome you who wander lost and crazy
you who might not come back maybe
you will find your rest and a blessed silence

peace be on your house
Track Name: Monkey Shines
i'm listen for you when i'm up in the dark
the sight of you turns on the light in my heart
you hold me closer till there's nothing to part
don't know where you stop and where i start

you are everything
i am kneeling
you get me to sing
what i'm feeling

i'm like a baby
with mud on my face
you know you can't take me any place
i'm disappearing i can't find trace
my breath is falling you untie your lace

my monkey shines
i am dreaming
your mouth on mine
i am gleaming

your my angels voice
i fall and rejoice
you give me no choice
love's not a choice
Track Name: Blow My House Down
you got a bad bad temper
and a big big mouth
big bad squall coming up from the south
it's gonna blow my house down

should of known the bad was brewing
by the funny way they said my name
should left the zoo before the lions
went and changed the game
now it's gonna blow my house down

noon bell ringing the town is clearing out
get in the fight get in the fight or get out
it's gonna blow my house down
Track Name: Cobalt Blue Sky
like the lightning in my window
throw me crazy cast my shadow
till i'm blind and on the floor again

you're the moonlight in my doorway
hold my tattered flags up for me
i may never know andmoreagain

this cobalt blue sky
could hold through moonrise
the stars will do the rest

my best friend
you need know reassuring hand to let you know
that i'm the man who will not watch you go
so take the fire in the mountain
like the clouds it will surround us
my love's all you really need to know

this cobalt blue sky
could hold through moonrise
so trust your own eyes
the stars will do the rest

they will not be put to test
Track Name: Where You Going
i can't find the words to tell you how much
it's gonna kill me when you say that you're leaving
i used to pray for you to stay here with me
but nowadays i just run out of believin'

what are you doin in your home in the sky
can't you show me if it's something worth trying
the clouds they always seem to roll on and by
it makes me wanna drop it all and go flyin

i know you'd like it if you gave it a chance
i know you'd like it if you stayed for awhile
sometimes you can't see an inch from your face
sometimes it seems like you could see for a mile

i don't see how it's gonna work if you're not hear with me
i wanna stop the world from spinning
i need you now to show me everything i'm gonna
i need you now to help me win it

i would turn whatever key that it took
to keep you here right next to me when we're sleeping
i would let you run as free as you want if there's a
part of you to hold on to me in
i'll be everything you want me to be as long as something cracks the wall and let's me in

can't you let me in
won't you tell me where you're goin
can i come to?
Track Name: Turn Your Love Back (Back My Way)
turn your love back
turn in back my way
bring it right back
bring it back to stay

cos when you've had it
all you do is grab at it
no no no
and when it's gone well all you do is want it
no no no