I Don't Leave Friends In Darkened Houses

by Grey Revell



Recorded @ Impermanence Studio, Belmont, NC. November 2012.
Cover photo courtesy of Amy Ellis Photography.
Eternal thanks again to Scott Parry at Impermanence Studio, without you none of this could ever happen.

For Michal and everyone that loved her.


released November 27, 2012

Drums - Daniel Jackson
Saxophones - Marcus Harmon
Trumpets - Matt Parsons
Guitar, Programming, Vox - Grey Revell
Piano - Chris Steude
Bass - Rodney Wallin



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Grey Revell Charlotte, North Carolina

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Track Name: I Don't Leave Friends In Darkened Houses
the silent sun
y el cielo donde cuelga
i can see it through the top of my collapsing head

i see your soul
another cloud a drifting
hide the mountain and the hungry ghost that
makes it his bed.

it's like the rain
falling in the desert
you been dry so long
a little bit could bring it all down

she's in the car
hands in her pockets
looking hard to see
if there ain't no one else around

i used to think
that i had all the time i needed
that i would always be accounted for
but know i see the devil's always right behind me
i don't leave friends in darkened houses no more

llorona wails
fling into the sea
can you hear her lonely weeping
through the skeleton trees
the bells they ring
chiming down the canyon
when it's time to light the candles and to set the dead free.

there was a time
it would have torn your heart in two
if i thought that i was getting something more
but now i see i shine the light for lovers
and i don't leave friends in darkened houses no more.
Track Name: Trucks and Trees
Trucks and trees
Blowing like the leaves
Winding like a river that’ll slow my mind
Breaking down the veil of sleeping eyes
I’m Hoping
Laying down a heavy beat and tryin to keep in time

Show me a man that’s got no mind
And I’ll show you the friends you leave behind
By living.

Big red signs preaching Love Divine
Playing down the middle from the very start
Stringing up the actor when he plays his part
I’m Leaving
You’re never gonna learn it from the ones
Who left the ferris wheel on

Show me a man that’s got no heart
And I’ll show you a tale that never starts
I’m Leaving

Take My mind
Please don’t fall behind
Praying that that the winter won’t leave me blind
Praying that the sinning won’t leave me mine
Believe it
Living now to tell the tales that’ll make me whole

Show me a man that got no soul
And I’ll show you a tale that ain’t been told
I’m Living
Track Name: December
i see your face is reflected in the patches of ice on the crosswalk
sun in my eyes now i running to you now i'm going to fast now i'm flat on my back with my nose in the sky
spring time never seemed exactly the right time
i remember you held me like a mirror and then we would burn to a cinder
keeping us warm in december
memories lie like the tinsel on the carpet at midnight dozing with a head full of cheap wine while your family and friends flicker on overhead like the stars on the trees
see me i'm not suprised if you won't believe me
but i remember the way you looked in the candles glimmer praying to your saints for your sinners trying to keep warm in december
dizzy winter mornings never come easy falling like the devil and freezing what the night before was releasing
but i remember the way you held me up to your mirror praying for your saints to your sinner trying to keep warm in december i remember the way you looked int he window's shimmer while we would burn to a cinder trying to keep warm